Malorees School

Our Vision & Values

Our vision is of one school, committed to high quality teaching and learning for all pupils in a nurturing environment.
We provide an enriched education with a focus on outdoor learning, sport and creativity.

Everything we do is underpinned by our core values of 

Respect, Excellence, Aspiration and Determination.


What do our core values mean? 

Here's what our pupils say:

Respect means: 

-Listening to everyone's views and treating everyone equally even if their views differ from our own.

-It means treating our school with respect; this includes resources, equipment and the environment.

-It means not disliking someone because of their religion, gender and race. It means accepting that we are all different but that’s what makes our school special. 


Excellence means:

-Excellence means that we try our best everyday and work together as a team to ensure that we all excel together.

-Excellence means that we don’t accept the minimum standards but work hard to improve our skills, knowledge and daily interactions so that we are consistently applying our learning and growing as individuals.

-Excellence means we produce high quality work, we have high standards of ourselves and have pride in what we do.


Aspiration means:

-Aspiration means to have high standards for myself and to not settle. Always think big! Think about what I want to achieve in the near future and go for it!

-Aspiration means developing my resilience and to not see knockbacks and mistakes as failure but see them as my First Attempt In Learning (F.A.I.L).

-Aspiration means shooting for the starts. It’s a big world and we should be aiming to conquer it! 


Determination means:

-Determination is never giving up, no matter what! 

-Determination means always continuing to try my best even when it’s difficult.


Rights & Responsibilities: Our Promise Tree

Promise Tree

We have also embraced UNICEF’s 'Convention on the Rights of the Child' which sets out a moral code for developing ‘Rights and Responsibilities' for everyone within the school to share.




To learn

To do our best

To play

To share

To come to school

To look after our school and equipment

To share ideas

To respect others’ ideas

To be listened to

To tell the truth and use good manners

To be helped

To help others

To be safe

To make good choices

To fairness

To be fair to others

We encourage all pupils to understand that for every right they have, there is also a responsibility that goes with that. We represent that in the school through our Promise Tree. We use the pairs of leaves to explore with all pupils the different rights and their corresponding responsibilities.

This comprehensive approach is deeply embedded into everything we do at the two schools meaning every child can become a confident, caring lifelong learner.