Malorees School

Our Curriculum

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Our approach

At Malorees we work hard in partnership to ensure the best possible achievement outcomes for all our children, ensuring our ethos promotes and nurtures the social, emotional, and spiritual well-being for all pupils.

Pupils' achievement in all areas is celebrated, whether improvement in their behaviour or learning attitudes, in sports, arts or core reading, writing or mathematical skills.

The attainment and progress of pupils is closely monitored to ensure that all children, of all attainment levels, are given appropriate support.

Our Curriculum Intent Statement 

We believe that our curriculum provides ambitious learning opportunities, which promotes the achievement of all pupils, in all curriculum areas.

Our vision and values is at the heart of our curriculum, we believe at Malorees that all our pupils are unique, and we celebrate and welcome their differences, within our diverse school community.

Through our broad and balanced curriculum, we want to help each pupil to become a caring, confident, resilient, and ambitious young person who has a passion for learning and achieving.

In the Early Years, we believe in a thematic approach to learning, which is enquiry, skills and investigatory based to enable our pupils to take an active lead in their learning, which is facilitated by the teachers. Our ever-evolving curriculum is designed to give cohesion and meaning, which is language rich and develops the curiosity and creativity in each child. 

In Key Stage 1 and 2, our subject specific curriculum has been carefully designed to ensure that learning is sequenced and progressive so that pupils can systematically accumulate knowledge, which becomes embedded in their long-term memory.

This approach enables pupils to make meaningful connections in their learning and ensures that our curriculum reflects the contexts, values, and needs of our school community. Our pupils are exposed to enriching experiences which builds their cultural capital, immersing them in concrete learning opportunities which equips them with a breadth of knowledge and skills to enables them to be lifelong learners.

Reading is at the heart of our curriculum which is supported by language and print rich learning environments.  

At every opportunity, our pupils are encouraged to articulate what they have learnt in a knowledgeable and coherent manner. Developing our pupils reading and vocabulary, right from the outset, we believe is the gateway to our pupils becoming global citizens. 

Curriculum Implementation

We are determined that every child has the opportunity to succeed!

Our new curriculum relies upon working in partnership with all stakeholders. We aim to create a curriculum that’s exciting, meaningful and one which will equip our children by:

  • Supporting, guiding, and inspiring our children through excellent teaching practices.
  • Appreciating the uniqueness of each child and recognising their potential.
  • Working with our families to create an inspirational school community in which everyone is valued, and successes are celebrated.
  • Engaging in the local community and seeking out opportunities to expand our children’s horizons.
  • Creating caring, confident, and curious children who dream big, who are motivated to achieve academic success.
  • Developing a thirst for new experiences and knowledge.
  • Reviewing our curriculum regularly and making purposeful changes that reflect our children, the community and current topics highlighted in the current climate.
  • Encouraging our children to be ambitious.
  • Teaching basic skills, knowledge, concepts, and values with a vision to prepare them for life beyond primary school and which enables our students to make strong contributions to the common good of society.
  • Delivering high quality education, recognising individual needs, and reflecting the school's vision and values.
  • Encouraging our students to navigate their learning pathway through positive relationships and guidance in a safe and inclusive environment.
  • Engage learners through authentic, meaningful, and deep learning tasks.
  • Ensuring that all teachers and leaders are ready to continue and adapt learning as our children's needs evolve.
  • Being committed to teaching and learning in a collaborative learning environment that improves learning outcomes for all.
  • Ensuring that our pupils are competent, life-long learners and have high aspirations for themselves.


Impact of the curriculum

As part of our learning journey, we constantly review our curriculum through rigorous monitoring systems throughout the year.

We believe the real impact of our curriculum comes through how effectively our pupils develop into well rounded individuals and embody and express our school values of 'Respect, Excellence, Aspiration, Determination', as well as British Values of Democracy, Individual Liberty, Rule of the Law, Mutual Respect and Tolerance. 

Early Years 

Our Early Years Curriculum takes into account the needs and interests of our pupils – so that everyone can reach their full potential within a happy, stimulating and secure environment.  

The curriculum is designed using a cross-curricular themed approach, as we know this enables our children to make connections across their learning, leading to deeper learning experiences so that the learning is purposeful and meaningful.

We plan around high-quality core texts to provide an engaging context for learning.   

Nursery and Reception children will begin to take home a story book to share with their adults at home. In addition, Reception children will take home a reading book matched to their phonic knowledge.

Parents are asked to ensure child has a book bag that is brought in daily so we are able to provide new books to take home. We encourage them to read with their child each day.  

Children will also have opportunities to develop their physical skills through play in our outdoor classroom. Additionally, children in Reception will have one PE lesson per week.




Should you require any information with regards to our curriculum offering please email:
and address your email for the attention of Miss Evans: Quality of Education Lead.