Malorees School

Class Reps

Class Representatives function at a class level and help to facilitate engagement of all parents and carers by regularly sharing class notices, school updates and act on behalf of their class when raising class concerns to the class teacher or to school leaders. Class reps act as an extra line of communication between the teacher, parents and carers and school as they are an extension of the class they represent. Each class selects their reps and has its own WhatsApp group, class reps will usually attend Parent Forums and termly PSFA meetings and will, at times, communicate messages to the class parents on behalf of the PSFA. 

If you are not already in touch with your class rep then please talk directly to the class teacher who will help you to get connected. 

Class Rep roles and responsibilities:


Class Rep Roles and Responsibilities


The reps for 2023/24 are:


Year group

Class Name


Class rep/s


Acorn Class

Ms McLean

Juliana Cordeiro


Oak Class

Ms Akpoguma

Lubna Shahzad


Holly Class

Ms Mulji

Harriet Worth

Year 1

Olive Class

Ms Santos

Mimi Lewis
Carly Mann

Year 1

Elm Class

Ms Quest

Susannah Savage

Year 2

Chestnut Class

Ms Jakeman

Jeremy Bannister

Year 2

Maple Class

Ms Carter

Natalie Ergatides
Paul Vettath

Year 3

Hazel Class

Ms Dickson

Julia Mazzag
Zuzana Gross

Year 3

Willow Class

Ms Cripps

Jaimie Baird

Year 4

Palm Class

Ms Silva

Mai Al-Ahdal AND Anna Telford

Year 4

Beech Class

Mr Polo

Geraldine O'Connell

Year 5

Mulberry Class

Ms Chentouf

Bo McDonald
Marisa Ross-Doepke

Year 5

Ash Class

Ms Fallon

Linda Murphy-Ericsson
Veronique Lefontaine

Year 6

Eucalyptus Class

Ms Ali

Sophie Milton

Year 6

Bonsai Class

Miss Gorman

Rakele Amor
Victoria Blackburn


NOTE: The Class Reps’ responsibilities do NOT include academic issues or concerns about individual children.