Malorees School

A Partnership Approach

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Malorees believes in a strong partnership with its parent community.

It is part of the Rights & Responsibilities Charter that every child and parent are asked to commit to when they join our school. 

Rights & Responsibilities guiding parents’ and carers’ relationships with the school community:   ‘Our school community commitment’



To your child being part of our school community

To ensure your child attends daily throughout the school term (unless there is good reason eg. illness)

To be treated as valued members of the school community and be given opportunities for active involvement

To respect the values and ethos which underpin all aspects of the school

To be a partner in your child’s learning

To actively participate in supporting your child’s learning

To be treated respectfully

To treat others with respect

To be consulted and informed regarding all issues affecting your child

To attend meetings, keep yourselves informed of all aspects of school life and keep the school informed of any relevant information about your child

To confidentiality

To be discrete and sensitive towards other members of the school community (this includes your signed agreement to particular procedures, eg e-safety)


Parent Consultation & Involvement - Parent Forum 

The School leadership team enjoys working in close partnership with all parents and carers. 

Class reps are chosen by class parents as a first point of contact for teachers and to also help with parent-school two-way communication. Class reps will usually attend the Parent Forum meetings or otherwise ensure their class will be represented. The list of Class Reps is here.

Please contact your class rep if you would like to relay any questions or provide feedback on anything or if you would like to join a meeting. Forum notes are available to parents from your class rep.

There are also many other formal and informal opportunities to discuss children’s progress and learning opportunities at the two schools. Parent-Teacher meetings are regularly organised and it is also possible to make an appointment to see a teacher outside of these formal occasions. 

There is also social, cultural and fundraising involvement through our parent charity association, the PSFA.

You can see pictures of parent community life at the school in our Galleries section.