Malorees School

Meet Our Governors

Our Governors are appointed from a range of backgrounds and bring different skills and expertise to their role.

Governors are volunteers and we give our time for free to support the school.   We all share the common goal of ensuring that every child has the opportunity to achieve their best within a safe, supportive and stimulating learning environment, enabling pupils to succeed and 'thrive'.  


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  • Beth Silver
  • Giles Deards
  • Michelle Anderson
  • Susan Harrison
  • Mark Rothery
  • Mike Cleary
  • Angus Hislop,
  • Jackie Horn
  • Julia Sahling
  • Max Davey
  • Anand Roy
  • Faryal Awan

Beth Silver 

Chair of Governors  

 Mark Rothery

Vice-Chair Learning & Safeguarding Committee

Susan Harrison 

Chair of Learning & Safeguarding Committee

Angus Hislop 

Chair of Finance, Property & Staffing Committee 

Mike Cleary 

Staff Governor (elected) 

Marcel Rentall 

Headteacher (ex officio)

Giles Deards

Parent Governor

Louise Burnand 

Associate Governor 

Learning & Safeguarding 

Jackie Horn

Associate Governor 

Buildings, Finance, Property & Staffing Committee 

Michelle Anderson

 Associate Governor

Max Davey

Partnership Governor

Digital Safeguarding, Learning & Safeguarding 

Anand Roy  

Associate Governor  

Vice-Chair of Finance, Property & Staffing Committee 

Khalia Ismain 

Associate Governor 

Finance, Property & Staffing Committee 

Julia Sahling

Associate Governor 

Learning & Safeguarding Committee

Sam Sears

Associate Governor 

Finance, Property & Staffing Committee 


Faryal Awan

Parent Governor 

The Deputy Headteacher also attends Board and committee meetings, but holds no voting rights.  


If you wish to see minutes of Board meetings, please contact the school office ( and we will arrange for you to come into school to see a copy of the relevant minutes.    

If you wish to attend a Governing Board meeting as an observer, please email your request to the same email address. Your request will be passed on to a Chair of Governors. If you are attending a meeting you will be asked to leave the meeting for any confidential items.