Malorees School

Still time to join the Malorees Triathlon Team



Helen Smith, Infants Head, and Mike Cleary, PE Lead, have led the calls for more parents to join this year's Blenheim Palace Triathlon (Saturday 11th September).

We have already signed-up 38 Malorees teachers and parents - but are asking for 20 more!




The event, open to all fitness levels, has become Malorees biggest fundraising event of the year and one of the most memorable. Over 100 Malorees staff and parents have taken part over the past three years.



Team members either swim (800 metres), cycle (19.8km) or run (5.4km) in a team Relay or do all three in a "Sprint" event - or half these distances in a "Super Sprint".

Helen said: "I've never done a Triathlon before so I'm a little nervous. But I know how much fun everyone has and the fundraising will help the school.

We also teach the children the importance of "giving it a go" so we definitely need to practice what we preach?

We would love more parents to join us, for training and a family day day out at the Palace"    


We've been asked lots of questions so here are some answers to help you decide whether to take part.  


I'm not fit and have little spare time - will I have to do loads of training?

No - you can do as little or as much as you like. For example, if you just sign-up to do a 5.4km running Relay leg you can jog or even part-walk round.


I want to get fitter - what training opportunities are there?

Our mixed ability group(s) will be doing short runs, cycles to places like Regents Park and Richmond, and swimming in Hampstead Ponds and beautiful Denham Lake. 

We will also be offering some free and discounted group training sessions with supportive and very popular local personal trainers such as Lizzie Barker, Maciej Gross and Rachel Hosker!

Gareth's fun training video gives you a good flavour of how we approach the event! 

Will I need lots of fancy kit?

No, you can buy fancy kit but there's no need.

For example, if you pick a swimming option, we will lend you a wet-suit if you can't get hold of one.

You can use any type of bike (even a shopping bike); you'll just go faster the lighter it is. We can also help you source/borrow one.


How much will it cost?

Malorees PSFA is offering to pay up to 60% of your entry cost if you agree to fundraise. Due to the impact of Covid the school needs the funds more than ever.

We are offering an entry fee of just £39 (it's usually £125 for the Sprint event!) if you agree to raise at least £100 for the school.

Donations made to your fundraising page will be eligible for 25% Gift Aid, at no extra cost to the donor.


I'm worried about fundraising and don't think I can raise £100

We know from past years that everyone raises the minimum amount and we will help you achieve that by creating a fundraising profile and promoting it.

However, it is also possible to enter the event with us and not fundraise. Entry is £125 (Sprint), £110 (Super Sprint) and £200 (Relay Team). 

The above may also suit parents/staff who have done lots of fundraising events and just would like to take part in our team.


What about Covid restrictions and what if the event is cancelled?

Limelight organise several of the top sporting events nationally and will ensure all safety requirements are met. If the event is cancelled you will be refunded the £39.

Are there children's events?

In previous year's there have been running and cycling duathlon events for 4 years old upwards. But Limelight can only commit to "children's entertainment" this year.

If bringing the children, Blenheim Palace is a fantastic place to bring a picnic as well as to cheer their parents on!


Who else is taking part?

A big thank-you and huge encouragement to the staff and parents taking part.

We have Helen Smith (Head of Infants); Mike Cleary (PE); Alison Kelly-Keegan (SEN); Matt Wright; Tom Goodwin (5G); Siobhain Smith (5S); Charlotte Borroso (5); Alice Mclean (Nursery); Tyra Jakeman (4K, PE); Elisabetta Olivari (5S). Four of these have never done a Triathlon before.

Parents: Kate Norman (Red & Green), David Goodhew (3H & Orange Class), Beth Silver (4K & Green), Stacey Brown (5G & Green Class), Jamie Baird (5G & Red Class), Paula D'Oliviera (Green & Blue Class), Natalie Ergatides (Red & Rainbow),  Giles Deards (5S), Muriel Clarke (Red), Gareth Heal (5G), Sally Lyden (5G), Martin Sharrocks (5), Amy Sharrocks (5), Susan Ardnt, Katie Holt, Wenda Harrison (6), Nick Friedman, Ben, Dulma Clark, Domenico Sansalone (3H), Wendy Gribbon (6F), Kate Glinsman, Sophie Miller, Fiona Landes, Stephen Logan, Douglas Radford, Chay Lawrence, Venera Itibaeva, Ruth Eglin. 17 of the above have never done a Tri event before!


Can I bring a friend to take part?

Anyone is welcome. If your friend prefers not to fundraise for Malorees we are also organising a "Kensal Rise Triathlon Team" for the same event that already has over 20 members, raising money for all kinds of local charities.

More about this at


How do I sign up and when is cut-off?

The event is sold-out nationally - 8,000 people applied for 2,000 ballot places - but we have places reserved.

However we will return unclaimed places to Limelight on 26th April. To reserve your place