Malorees School

'Every Malorees child online' - campaign success


THANK YOU to everyone who supported the “Every Child Online” campaign!


An absolutely incredible amount has been raised.

Including parent/carer donations via our PSFA's Virgin Money site, matched funder donations from around our generous local community, corporate and charity donations, corporate matched funding and gift aid is:




Goal of 'anytime access for all'

The school leadership and governors set the ambitious target not just for our children to have access to devices at home; we have aimed for 'anytime access'. 

Therefore funds have already been invested in 40 Chromebook 11s which are already being used by children, with 20 more arriving just after half-term.

These laptops dramatically improve the learning potential for children that have either been without access to a laptop or have had to share a device with siblings or parents at key learning times. 

For some children this is the first time they have had "anytime" access to a laptop for learning and the access made possible by the fundraising is hugely motivating.



As well as securing great value devices the school has worked hard to secure better connectivity for the children, with 60 BT "hotspot" licenses and 9 routers arriving via the DfE and the PSFA funding five dongles for home use for the next six months. 


Blended learning

The laptops will currently be used to help children through lockdown but ownership of the devices stays with the school and we aim to use the devices across year groups for classroom teaching, as well as allow future 'home loans' for home work and other projects.


Messages of support

Here are some of the messages left on the donation page which give a flavour of the support for this campaign and are really touching:


“We think this is a hugely important initiative and a step towards ensuring our community have equal access to education”


“This is such a lovely thing to do for the children”


“Well done Malorees! I have seen first hand how these devices change children’s learning”


“I hope the children will be able to get what they need soon. Thanks to all teachers for their huge endeavour of working all hours to keep schooling going and at such risk”

“We hope this helps get a device to someone who needs it!”


The School are currently assessing where gaps remain, and we have funds available to meet their requests as they arise. 


Huge thanks must go to parent Governor Giles Deards for his incredibly hard work in organising the campaign, sourcing the Chromebooks and cases and haggling with suppliers to get the best possible deal for the School. Also to Mr Martin, Mr Grey and the staff team for all of their time and expertise and for helping the children navigate their new devices.


Importance of matched funding

This campaign has highlighted the massive difference that workplace matched funding can offer - £1,820 was raised from match funding provided by parents’ workplaces.

The PSFA asks if all parents could enquire of their work HR Departments if they have a matching or part-match donation offer.


Still without a device or struggling with a poor connection?

Please get in contact with the school as soon as possible.

The team can also help if you now have a device and good connection but need to learn how to use applications or software.