Malorees School

Developing our Early Years Outdoor Play



As parents and carers are aware, one of our big school fundraisers this year is to improve and totally revamp the outdoor provision for our Early Years Foundation Stage pupils.

We really want to ensure that our pupils learning is continuous and extends beyond the classroom environment.

The Winter Bazaar and the Brondesbury Illuminations community events have been an amazing start to the monies needed to ensure that our pupils receive the best possible start to their learning.

We are aiming to have learning zones implemented, in addition to a climbing frame, reading area and protective flooring.

The PSFA are working extremely hard to raise as much so we can to make this possible.

If you know of any other charities that we might be able to apply to for a grant, please do let us know or if you have an ideas for a fundraising event I’m sure the PSFA will welcome any suggestions.

We could have this work completed over the Easter, which would be great for our pupils to enjoy during the Summer term.