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Information for Parents and Carers

Information for Parents and Carers of Malorees School 

COVID – 19

Message for Parents and Carers:

Please check this page frequently for the latest news about COVID-19 Coronavirus and the impact on schools


Malorees Infant and Junior Schools are following current Government advice.  If you have any health concern for your own child, please consult NHS 111 or speak to your GP. For health information and advice, read the NHS pages on Coronavirus. Learn about the government response to coronavirus on GOV.UK. The government has given clear guidance on self-isolation, household isolation and social distancing. Please read the latest Guidance for schools - how universities, nurseries, schools, and colleges are working during coronavirus (COVID-19).

Who to contact for official advice and health concerns:


  • UK Government website
  • Department for Education coronavirus helpline 0800 0468687
  • Call NHS 111 for immediate health concerns

Public Health England have up-to-date information which you can view on their website. They are keeping schools regularly informed on developments and we will continue to follow their advice closely with regard to this virus.

Our School's Risk Assessment 


 Risk Assessment

 Malorees Schools Remote Learning Policy



 Addendum to Staff Code of Conduct

 Attendance during C-19 Linked to Addendum Safeguarding

 Behaviour Addendum June 2020

 Child protection and safeguarding addendum June 2020

 Malorees Code of Conduct

 Online Learning Policy June 2020 

How to stay safe


To protect yourself and others from the spread of COVID-19, remember to wash your hands thoroughly using lots of soap and hot water, cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze, use anti-bacterial gel or wipes, and avoid close contact with anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illnesses.

What additional steps are the school taking to try to reduce the risk of further outbreaks?


As a school we have taken the following practical steps: 

-Hand sanitisers and multi surface wipes are provided for staff to use to clean frequently touched areas

-Fruit being given to pupils are only be prepared by 1 adult.

-Staff will wear PPE when in communal area or when close contact is required, such as at drop of and pick up times.

-Isolation room has been reintroduced, in case a child falls ill during the day

-Staff are encouraged to wear PPE throughout the day should they wish too

-Surfaces to be kept clutter-free and wiped at the end of each session

-Staff ensuring that hand-washing routines are always kept, including when children arrive, before and after eating, after using outdoor play equipment, playtimes and after sneezing or coughing.

-Using bins for tissue waste – ‘Catch it, bin it, kill it’.

-Keeping the setting well ventilate, this includes Co2 monitors placed in all classrooms and communal areas to monitor the quality of airflow.

-Limiting the number of children using toilet facilities at the same time

-A fulltime cleaner remaining on site all day to ensure that commonly used area are clean frequently

How can parents support?


There are several ways in which parents can support us during this challenging time:

-Encourage your child to develop good hygiene habits in every area of their life and discuss the importance of this for all germs and illnesses.

-Discuss with your children that unfortunately during difficult times information on the television, social media and shared with peers might be inaccurate information.

-Encourage your child to ask a trusted adult if they have concerns or questions

-Try to remain calm, especially in front of your children

-Continue to follow all school procedures with regards to our one-way system when on the school premises

-Try not to congregate outside of the main school premises (social distance)

-Wear a face covering when inside the school building

-Follow the school communication flow chart for communicating with staff members

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