Malorees School

Class Timetables

Class timetables 2

Below are a list of individual class timetables. Please note, that  teachers will endeavour to deliver and teach the curriculum according to their timetables. However, on occasions they may deviate from their class timetables due to specialist activities, events, visitors or special circumstances.


 Class timetables:

Nursery Acorn Class             Reception Holly & Oak Class

Year 1 Elm Class                     Year 1 Olive Class                  Year 2 Chestnut Class           Year 2 Maple Class

Year 3 Hazel Class                 Year 3 Willow Class              Year 4 Beech Class                Year 4 Palm Class

Year 5 Ash Class                    Year 5 Mulberry Class          Year 6 Bonsai Class           Year 6 Eucalyptus Class