Malorees School

Attendance & Punctuality


We are all in this together to raise attendance and to raise attainment

Malorees School will be focusing on attendance and punctuality this academic year. The schools target is 96% and I know together we can accomplish this. In order for children to achieve their full potential, it is essential that they attend school everyday.  The expectation is that children will attend for at least 96.1% of the time, taking into account illness.  If a child’s attendance becomes a concern we will inform parents and carers and meet with them to resolve the situation.  However, if progress is not made, the schools Educational Welfare Officer (EWO) will be informed and the process would become official. 


Holidays and Leave of Absence

Malorees is working closely with the local authority to reduce absences in our school.  Leave of absence or holidays in term time WILL NOT be authorised unless there are exceptional circumstances in line with the regulations issued by the Department for Education.  If parents & carers decide to take their child out of school during term time they are at serious risk of a fixed penalty notice being issued, prosecution (criminal record) or loss of your child’s school place.  


Reporting your child absent from school

Although we strive for good attendance for all children, we understand that children can be unwell.  When there is an unexpected or unplanned absence, it is you’re responsibly to report your child’s absence. Please telephone the school on the day and every day of your child’s absence. This helps carry out our safeguarding obligations as the school must know the whereabouts of every child.

The schools office opens at 8.00 am. Please telephone 0208 459 3038 to report all absences, these should be made before 8.30am.  Alternatively you can e-mail the school giving the reason for your child’s absence.



When pupils arrive late to school, there are many consequences:

They miss out on essential instructions given at the beginning of the lesson.  This can significantly reduce achievement, regardless of academic ability. 

Did you know?

In a School Year, If Your Child is Late Every Day By...

Your Child Would Have Lost Approximately...

or They Would Have Missed Approximately...

5 Minutes

3.5 Days from School

20 Lessons

10 Minutes

7 Days from School

41 Lessons

15 Minutes

10 Days from School

55 Lessons

20 Minutes

14.5 Days from School

82 Lessons

30 Minutes

22 Days from School

123 Lessons


Please support your child to develop lifelong habits of good attendance and punctuality to allow them to achieve their full potential.


Medical Appointments

Please avoid making dental/medical appointments during the school day.  If an appointment is absolutely necessary please produce your appointment card to the school office as evidence for this absence.